Katrin Hummel FAZ Editor and Freelance Speaker

About me

There is nothing more exciting for me than getting to know other people. I am interested in their feelings, passions and what drives them. That's why it was clear to me very early on that I wanted to become a journalist. And that's what I've been doing since I finished my studies - at the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung. And, how could it be otherwise? There, I actually devote myself mainly to the topic of love and relationships in all their facets. You can find my articles here. I have also published several books, including three romance novels and even a bestseller. You can find the list of my publications here.

Since I work part-time, once our sons were out of the house, I decided to dive deeper into the topic of relationships. As a journalist and writer, I usually write about people who have experienced very special things, but I'm also interested in ordinary people - which includes myself. To write down the story of your love and becoming a couple with the professional tools I have acquired as a journalist, writer and, in addition, in a Chamber of Commerce-certified training as a freelance speaker: That is my ambition! As I am fluent in English and French, I can also deliver my speech bilingually or in one of these two languages if desired.

And just so that this doesn't sound as if I only work (whereas work and private life merge for me anyway): In my free time, I often go for long walks with my husband or meet up with friends. I also love to dance salsa, to go running and to do yoga.


What makes me different from other wedding speakers?

I have been happily married for more than 20 years, have two grown-up sons and a close relationship with my eighty-something mother and my sister. I find this being part of a loving family very valuable, and from this comes reliability, closeness and a great respect for other people and their families. I have been shaped by these civic values. And they are the background against which I will write my speech about you both.

Trained by Redekunstwerk in cooperation with the IHK Osnabrück. Awarded with an IHK certificate.