Wedding speech, free christening, wedding speaker

Free wedding ceremony

The day of all days - and the most important one so far in your life together. Surrounded by your family and friends. You can let yourself go while I deliver a touching, personal and at the same time wise and sophisticated speech on you and your love. Your guests will laugh, be spellbound and learn the true story of how your love began. And at the end you will pin the rings on each other.


Alternative baptism

As a freelance christening speaker, I welcome your daughter or son into this world in a festive ceremony - and at the same time introduce the newly appointed godparents. Beforehand, of course, I will also ask you, the parents, personal detail about your little one to ensure my speech will be the best version possible) and that it will be personal and warm-hearted. After all, you are only baptised once!

Renewal of wedding vows

You want to celebrate your silver or golden wedding anniversary in a special setting or renew your wedding vows? Then it would be an honour for me to give a speech on you and your history together on this occasion. What makes you as a couple, what were the highlights, perhaps also crises that you overcame? I have great respect for couples who have been together for a long time and are still happy together ....


The writer of your relationship

We meet once a year or as often as you like, and I write the book of your relationship on an ongoing basis. As a writer, I have already written several books, including a bestseller, so I have a lot of experience and know exactly how to build up an exciting dramaturgy. You decide when the book is finished. You can, for example, use it as a diary of your relationship, have it made into a film, give it as a gift or bequeath it. You can also give my service as a gift, for example when a couple from your circle of acquaintances gets married. You determine the scope and duration of this gift service yourself.


If you would like to commission me, please call me on +49 173 5859105 or send me an email. I will then send you my offer. Next, we will arrange a meeting to get to know each other. At this personal meeting I will tell you in detail how I work and you can decide in peace and quiet whether I am the right person for you. This meeting is free of charge.


What makes a good wedding speech?

If you ask ten wedding speakers, each one will probably say something different. But for me, one thing is clear: the more personal a wedding speech is, the better it is. In order for a speech to be personal, the wedding speaker has to deal intensively with you as the bride and groom beforehand and ask the right questions. For me, it goes without saying that I will do this. That is the standard I have for my work. You will not find any passages in my speech that are interchangeable and could also be incorporated into other speeches. My speech will be exclusively about you two and your love.


Trained by Redekunstwerk in cooperation with the IHK Osnabrück. Awarded with an IHK certificate.